| 2019 | 11 | 25 | round and round about |

honey i'm home
milk, i'm home
sugar? yeah i'm home


my favourite colour is icecream.

you can make a wish and then you have to do it.

august is the sunday of the year

yoga is just slow karate.

you are my rock, paper and scissors.

i don't know what i just said, i wasn't listening to myself.

snaccident. too many snacks by accident

wow you're perfect... if i take my glasses off


we're back training on the jubilee. it's a sort of slog to find paddle-able water.

i churned out 10 miles yesterday too and my legs hurt a little bit.

yesterday was ideal.

we finally made sausage rolls, had another round of mario kart and watched some more prison break.

which i'm doing really well at not reading ahead on the plot. i lied. i looked a little. shhhh