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i think my first ever bumble date was also my worst.

so there's that i guess.


we need to take ourselves back to the time that was 2017 and the time of my life i'd rather forget. i was curled up in my bed staring at the ceiling.

'i'll get you at 7, i insist'.

eventually the panic subsided and i was able to justify it in that this way i wouldn't have to worry about parallel parking.

how wrong i was. i had so much more to worry about than parallel parking.

he started off the car journey listing off the ways he was a pretty epic date and how lucky i was. just straight off the bat. initially i thought he was joking. turns out he wasn't.

about halfway through the drive there i realised what a mistake this whole thing had been and was desperately thinking of a get out plan.


i still didn't have one when he told me what to eat for my starter, how to eat it and when to stop eating it.

the main came and i was  mulling over just how little fun i was having - then the waitress dropped the bombshell 'he brings all his dates here'. yep even better.

he then gave me a box of chocolates and offered to drive me round for a bit. i politely declined but got the tour anyway.

once it was over i thanked him and made no promises to ever speak again.

he however had other plans.

his ego wouldn't let me just say no and he seemed to require a 4 part book titled 'why i don't want to date you'.

i blocked him as best i could and once he realised i wasn't going to reply seemed to get the message.

one final attempt on Instagram saw me lose my temper and write a regrettably long message in response.

and then i blocked him.