| 2019 | 11 | 18 | i miss my neon orange hi tops |

now then, where is your adult? 

i'm gonna write that in a sub plot for my latest novel - crimes against fashion and the other 36 ways i live dangerously. 

I'm going to talk about it. 


because kayaking is the best.

i keep progressing. keep taking steps forward. balancing those boats is hard. learning how to move them through choppy water is hard. moving through flowing water - terrifying. 

my new goal is to focus on my legs and leg drive - to get the most from my lower body in tandem with my back. hopefully. that will work. 

the river is in a state of flood and whilst it's exciting it's incredibly frustrating. we just want to train.

this is archie. archie bear. monkey feet. tumble wallace.

he's a little menace.