| 2019 | 11 | 06 | party like its 1962 or whichever year they invented poptarts |

so it was pointed out to me today that james acaster is my dream husband.

i would almost say. super dreamy.

he can be added to my list of weird and wonderful characters.

it's quite a short list. but i'm okay with that.


the answer is always 'because i was watching the spice girls movie on VHS'.

always. if you say otherwise i'll push your face into brickwork.


try explaining that grazing.


the second one - parks and rec.

actually scrap that i'm still watching community. give me time. there are like six seasons.

then we'll get on to april and lesley. we'll get there when we need to.


todays post is sponsored by glossier (lie) and i can honestly say i've never loved their lipstick more (also lie, it's not edible).

i think edible lipstick is the way forward.

what am i talking about? i don't know but i'm hungry and calling something cherry glaze is false advertising...


i need to water the plants.

i still need to water them

those two sentences were written like 3 hours apart but you tore into them in seconds.