| 2019 | 11 | 05 | jazzy |

i'm gonna start measuring milestones in terms of how many bottles of shampoo i've used.

or maybe how worn down my shoes are.


it's 6:43 and i have had a sum total of 8 minutes sleep . not consecutively.

actually that's a lie once I was asleep I was down, but that wasn't for long.

once awake, i turned to tv to fill the gap between me and sunrise.

we'll start with 'community', which follows the lives of a gang of misfits who get in all kinda of weird scrapes and don't seem to have any kind of life outside of college. go figure.

'i think the wrong person left the room' is a line from the show which to this day still bashes round my head like a slightly oversized rhino.


today i met a cow on my run and it's changed my day.

in fact she was in the path and we had to walk together to get her home.


i think we're decided. or sorta at least

the clocks need to go back further than an hour.

maybe like ten years so we can have the chance to relive our mistakes all over


i was tickled this morning by a small girl apologising for either her grandma or her dog. specifics weren't necessary but i got the gist. we were walking in opposite directions down an alleyway.

sorry for these things existing.