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ehhhhh. lets get into some nitty gritty here.

I said yesterday that not one of these is a re-purchase and I bloody meant it. the only consideration would be the Hada Labo Toner and thats only if the other one I'm now using isn't great.

Even then it wasn't a standout product in any sort of line up.

| Solinotes | Vanille eau de parfum | £10 | Urban Outfitters |
so here's a big old fail. I'm still searching for the dreamy vanilla scent I caught a whiff of one summers evening in the south of france .... yeah that's a lie. i just want to smell like a cupcake. go figure.
I can't fault Solinotes opening on this one, because my god it was a gourmand vanilla without the wince of something alcoholic. beyond that though, one inhale and you've had your lot. no staying power and no projection either.

| Solinotes | The Blanc eau de parfum | £10 | Urban Outfitters |
similar to the vanille scent, this the blanc (that should be white tea btw not the white, i just can't be dealing with french accents) was another fresh and sparkly scent with so much potential but so little performance.... much like many of the guys i've dated.
it's nice, and yes a steal at £10, but when you factor in the need to use a whole bottle to actually smell it for more than five minutes i'm not sure you're getting a lot of value.

| Avene | Thermal Water Spray 300ml | £13 | Boots |
blah blah water spray. glorified shower steam. though, to be fair, this bottle has travelled with me to newcastle, france, wales, cornwall - ie. it's lasted around 7 years.

| Nyx | Honey Dew Me Up Primer | £15 | Nyx |
why are you like this. i liked you. i trusted you. and as with every primer on the night - you let me down. well actually you let my bronzer slide down my face. I know i have high cheekbones but that was taking the piss.
no as primers go it's average. holding power - acceptable. but it did funny things to certain foundations and i didn't need that when i leave 8 minutes to get ready every day.

| Revolution | Conceal and Define Concealer | £4 | Superdrug |
nope. another nope. what is going on with this formula? who said it was okay to produce?! for some reason this has a miniature cult following who scream 'dupe for tarte shape tape' but clearly, they have never used TST. you can't just yell things people!

| La Roche Posay | Effaclar BB Blur | £17 | Escentual |
another 'i loved you til i used you twice'. drying (that's the point sophie), mattifying (...) and slightly bally. seriously. bally. put it on a brush - ball. put it on your hand - ball. it's bally.
not for me, but i understand it has some magical ingredients.

| Hada Labo | Premium Hyaluronic Toner | £19.99 | Timeless | 
eeesh. i want to say this was wicked because Hannah Louise Poston sold it to me as a dream come true (sort of a lie, she only sold it as 'pretty decent') but. however. my skin needs real tender love and care given how i live my life (outside, in the weather, like a normal person).

| Cetaphil | Rich Night Cream | £7.99 | Boots | 
i lied. this is on my maybe buy this again because it's fairly cheap and actually did a job. but it wasn't a night cream that had me waking up looking like i'd slept. maybe because i don't sleep. but maybe because it was just a so-so.

| Mugler | Alien Fusion | £49 | Boots | 
right. let me clear things up. i liked this. a lot. but it's not a re-purchase because it's so damn generic. it's not even trying to pretend not to be a white floral beast. 'alien fusion' is misleading because it's neither out of this world or mixing anything remotely exciting.

| No7 | Instant Radiance Highlighter | £10 | Boots | 
i bought this for a date with some guy i'd fancied in the gym. actually no. i bought this on my date because i was like four hours early and had time to kill. back when i had the capacity to be early.

| MUA | Pro Base Concealer | £2.50 | Superdrug | 
why do i do this!
simply put, i should save up the money i throw away flippantly on concealers and buy one that works. I only need one. ONE.

| The Body Shop | Shade Adjusting Drops | £11 | The Body Shop | 
head desk.

just. i bought a product so that when i blind buy other products in the wrong shade i can adjust the shade to make it fit. except no. the formula is shocking. it does not mix and when it does you're trying to smear cement on your face in a shade that is all things wrong. you're welcome.

please don't ask me to talk about it.


nb. these reviews aren't very useful but i don't do that anymore. sorry.