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last night i sat and mainly watched a football match? a match? a game? a run arounnnnnnd?

one team were wearing navy and the other red and to be honest it was a draw and then mainly a draw until one guy caught the ball and the other didn't. unsure who won but i liked the blue trainers more than the orange ones.

I have decided.


no sophie the police don't need your help investigating.

do not lick the cat. i repeat. STOP IT.

you cannot eat soup with your fingers.

you can growl at me all you like but i'm not going to buy you a racehorse.

stop eating the cheddar.

stop licking eggs and putting them back in the fridge.

stop running round with your skirt on your head.

>> just some things we heard in the house last week.


i love people watching .

i recently got on the bus and the tube (not in that order) and realised how much i've missed staring at people in the mildly creepy way you can when you wear glasses and squint.


october has passsed quickly, quietly and without fuss.

i was sitting on my ergo this morning in the garden sweating like something unhappy mulling over the last 31 days. 30 technically.

there are things in my life that weren't there before. there are things which have left.


things i am scared of:
- forgetting to unload the dishwasher
- getting properly lost
- falling out a window
- hurting a puppy
- reversing over something breakable
- losing my glasses
- being locked in a room