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alright alight aight.

i'm on like edit 456 of this post because i can't make it sound like it's not written by a five year old on caffeine.

so this weekend. what happened?

well. the squad went for a cheeky lunch in town - selected and paid for by this main man.

'welcome to my food palace with exclusive magnetic cutlery'

he then pretends to be blind and order a calzone before petting it like a dog and saying 'nice and warm'

the walk by the river was policed by jerry once more. 'we shall get to the bridge. which bridge? well we'll know when we're there'


i was asked on sunday actually about my mum... i don't know how to phrase it better than 'she left.'

it's a.... downplayed topic in our family - elephant in the room. well. not in the room. sort of out of the room.

saturday was busy. i mean super crammed. quick turnarounds and costume changes.

i got in trouble, smashed a few more glasses and the poor doorman.

i'm so torn with working there - it's fun but also a drain on my soul. i think i'm going to keep at it until i finally write the book that will make me millions.

sunday was borderline perfection. river time in the morning.

then quite a lot of river in the afternoon. then a little less river because N got hungry and decided we needed to pick up the pace. 

we walked from marlow to henley (one of my favourite walks) then grabbed a sandwich and sat outside. the end

easily pleased we are.

i flagged a little towards the end, but hopefully it wasn't too obvious. 


indoor time spent watching harry potter, stranger things and bed. 

what a day. 


i need to write a to do list. 

i need to decide if i'm looking to dw. though without a partner that might be a challenge. i think i'll start with paddling tomorrow morning and go from there.

my other endurance buddy is shouting about doing an ultra marathon. this excites me more than it should. 

or maybe it's that i'm not breathing enough. 

> tidy my room
> sort out hair 
> sleep 
> read a book
> shoes
// christmas plans


how much of what we do is learnt. how much is something someone else taught us to do that we're just repeating until someone shows us otherwise?