| 2019 | 10 | 23 | sneezes and bruises |

do you know what sucks?


today i've had three cups of coffee, two crumpets and a handful of happiness.

i'm having to keep a food diary for a bit.

oh, and two diddy oranges, some mango and a few banana crisps. girls gotta eat.

lunch is gonna be birthday cake with at least seven types of sprinkles. sue me.

(that's not true i'll probably have something boring like... toast).


let us reminisce to the boy i was dating, maybe, two years ago (was it really that long?!). he was a little older, and clearly thought he was wiser. i shall confirm he was not. this seems to be a recurring theme. TW your time will arrive. ohhh yes.


AS. what a whirlwind. to be fair when we met up for the first night of drinks he declared he was going to propose if we had any more alcohol so i should've known what i was dealing with.

we shared more wine and went for a stroll by the river (surprisingly).

i didn't really get it back then, and i was really rude. that was about five months neither of us will get back. oopsie.

to be fair i'd completely forgotten about the guy until a friend mentioned the pub we'd met up in a few times.

bloody wallpaper.

sorry mate.