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i still get emotional about the time when i was five and someone told me you could open crisp packets from the bottom.

all my skips were on the floor and i lost faith in the world.


folding napkins... didn't realise that was on the table


what's your post night out routine?
mine? I like to capture the struggles of modern life through abstract photography.

i'm like a fine gin, the higher the alcohol content the better the experience.


this weekend was pretty busy as they go.

deciding to pull up slightly on the intensity and time dedicated to training has freed up the brainspace to make some pretty decent plans.

Friday I went to watch some hockey and destroy chicken nuggets. somehow ended up getting roped into playing it next time.

i've literally never played it before in my life.


Saturday kicked off with a 7.5 mile run (split into 8/1 x 8).

then a general mooch.

puddle or jigsaw?
you decide.

sunday was wicked cool.

i went for a 5 mile run then jumped on the train with my buddy BR and we headed towards london.

she had lunch and a hot date that night so we spent the train journey discussing hypothetical get out plans in case things turned sour.

they didn't.

i on the other hand was meeting up with my old time best friend gatorade somewhere near shoreditch.

we used to get in all kinds of scrapes when we were younger - never allowed to our own devices - especially in chemistry a level after the fire(s).

this is us updating his wardrobe.

we then wandered into a golfing situation and ended with identical scores. because you know, we all deserve to win.