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today is all about rain.

but the links are tenuous. if you get them all congrats. you win a prize.

last night it tipped it down.

i'm not obsessed just mildly

the quokka is the only member of the genus setonix - about the size of a cat.

i like him.

i have quite a lot here. 

yesterday my dad fell asleep at the table and it makes me appreciate how hard that man works. i try. i really do but i can't help. hence the pastry. but even that feels a small token. 

ah well. he's off on an adventure today. 

i also had my eyebrows microbladed yesterday.

this was a run following a huge bout of sky water. it's pushed the river up. 

but that's okay because our training is taking a kind of side step and whilst i'm able to fill the void with running it's not the same.

i miss the sun. 

I'm really struggling with working out whether it's all worth it anymore. i get so much from the progression but at the same time the sacrifices are monumentally huge and it's not like i'll be a pro. 

i don't know we'll see. losing the dw direction has knocked me sideways.


i had a dream last night that I played football on a basketball court wearing just one football boot. 

i love how your brain fills the gaps of knowledge and you're like 'yes that's exactly right' (it really wasn't). 


my life is just a collection of post it notes carefully filed in the bin 

bladdy love a to do list though. 


do you remember when i listened to foxes - better love on repeat to the point i couldn't live without it as my backing track? yeah me neither...

--- new thing - end of the fucking world is coming out soon.

my tv wish list is just 

its just too much. 

there was coherence here at some point but i've had less than 4 hours sleep and my mind is boggled.