| 2019 | 10 | 07 | firestone |

every almost suggests a maybe. and it's the maybes that keep us going. 


okayyyy so i've worked out what breaks the formatting of my blog. no promises i'll remember to edit it properly tho. 

you're welcome. 

this weekend was so frustrating from a training perspective.

being frustrated isn't always a bad thing, it means you care, but riding it out is the worst.

worse than brita.

do not get me started on the pelicans.


however my weekend was super wholesome from many other perspectives so on balance it's a :) from me.

I've eaten quite a lot of chocolate (there should be some left) but weirdly - it's never enough.

come at me nandos. i'm gonna go try some spicy sauces.

so i heard a rumour monk was on amazon prime and i cannot wait to lock myself at home and rewatch them all.

you'll thank me later.

i do not understand why more people don't watch him. 

i could be wrong, but i really don't think so.

i'm stopping i swear.

love this. 

i actually went and sat with the gang in the sun for a while. 

all the things i do not miss:



also saw some piggins, land ducks and an array of drug deals in the woods on a solid 5/8 splore.

there are no more gnomes.

that's also fine. i guess.