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adrian bliss is 100% the hero we didn't know we didn't need - but for some reason want to follow around pointing at pigeons and asking all the important questions.


in time
eddie the eagle

glitter gets everywhere and the only way to remove it is to completely obliterate your house, your car and your clothes.


4xcandles is one of my greatest achievements this week.


i will just leave this here. i think this is my brain on the outside.

just yelling and running and jumping.

also this.

i took a road that wasn't a road but it was something i chose and that's fine. 


today. today i wanted to wear my big boots but then i'd have to stomp around and i really am not channeling that energy. 


Christmas wish list:
- glossier lip gloss
- diptyque philosososososkylos (philosykos perfume)
- new dinosaur slippers
- stranger things secret cinema experience yo
- anyone wanna set me some GHDs?
- new paddles
- a new kayak (soz dora)
- an airplane

that. escalated.