| 2019 | 09 | 25 | so finking |

it's the last day in september.

this means

we're almost at christmas time.


i spent the weekend rearranging my room.

like. it was a mess and i still hate that wardrobe but it's so much better than the box room.

^i also paddled a lot and slept a bit less than I should which was made up for by an exceptionally uncomfortable nap.

i kid you not. twenty minutes on the sofa resulted in the loss of function in both shoulders. that may have been more down to paddling 12 miles with a fat bungee on into a headwind. but go figure.

my hair is finally doing the thing I need it to - GROWING.

> i need to book a blood test to double check we're not gonna have a repeat of last year. but surely. surely. surely. i'd know. spending two months unable to walk more than ten paces was probably the most efficient way to catch up on ten years of sleep deprivation. 


this is my new avocado tree.


it's crazy how things have changed.

a stick is a stick.