| 2019 | 09 | 16 | busy bees currently climbing trees |

this weekend was populated with very little sleep and a lot of outside.

i feel weirdly refreshed though, probably a combination of adrenaline and productivity.

friday was late and cold.

i don't mind though.

saturday was spent half on the river, half talking about the river and then the rest unconscious in a heap.

oh and then more river.

then eddie the eagle.

then another film i slept through.

actually that's the wrong way round.

 sunday was arguably one of the best paddles we've had in the k2.

i know i keep saying this, but it's because we keep finding something more. more strength. more consistency. more power. more rhythm. the tempo for the 4 x 4min + 5k was bang on, and even on what I would say was our weakest effort it was still lively. 8 seconds of variance isn't shabby.

i should've had more sleep beforehand but i'm happy. life is a balance.

sitting in the driving seat piles on the pressure, though there is nowhere to hide for either of us when we both can see speed and hr.

you have to bring your a game every time.

don't be a passenger. 

it's tough.

it will matter at easter. I keep reminding myself how much it's gonna hurt if we don't hold the focus for the next 200 days. an unlikely partnership, sure, but one that works (sort of).


we missed henley yesterday. bottled it.

not strictly true - we just aren't ready to be ranked in our new divisions.

div 4 is a big step up for me - fewer girls to slow down the start and you can't rely on anyone dropping off after 6 miles. mark has it even tougher so we're happy hiding away for a little bit.

winning the div3_3 was nice. it showed we have the stamina for the 12 miles and have come such a long way since last year.

// if you're winning you're not working hard enough. you never want to be the lead boat in training. it doesn't make sense. it means you're not chasing. it means you're holding the pace where you want it. the only way to get better is to be uncomfortable. to hurt.

the picture below is one of my favourites.

waterside c 2019.

we'd just completed one of the fastest races we'd managed and held crew 160 to the line. the burn from the final portage through had hurt (if you can't see it on my face). the picture captures us crossing the line, my paddles are down and marks are up through momentum alone.

you can see my arms have no strength to hold my paddles (limp wristing much) and the photo after shows me collapsing forwards. that is an empty tank.

i caught the zoomies for the middle third and probably pushed harder than we needed so from Kintbury we were fighting a downturn. oops. without the food from support we'd have crashed hard - though if i remember correctly most of my hot cross buns were ending up in the canal.


i don't know. i need to talk about paddling less.

ron swanson has been my guiding voice for many years.