| 2019 | 09 | 03 | its really really here |

This weekend hasn't left me feeling the most refreshed, but I'm also okay with that.

so much for my early night on friday - four hours lying in a field meant dinner was destroyed at around midnight - after we'd ventured to asda for some cheeky snacks.

 saturday was spent down in rye, catching up with family. it was a beautiful day to be fair, but not the shortest of drives. 

still 0.8 of a DW though. 

I'm not sure where sunday went, but it was something I'm not sure I mind. 

// i'm happy i have a new avocado tree. not one to attribute too much sentimentality to that sort of thing, but the death of the old one definitely felt quite monumental. 
// when someone uses the word hate, i don't think they realise the hurt it causes. 
// crunchy leaves and fresh tomatoes. gonna miss the summer. 
// time. i need more of it. but i also want less of some. it's never right is it?