| 2019 | 08 | 28 | dishwasher tabs and some jam |

where the bloody hell has this month gone?

between an impromptu trip to nottingham, nationals, a trip to france and then a rammed bank holiday weekend it's probably safe to say I haven't really sat down.

in fact it's been said i'm addicted to being busy - or wording to that affect, and I guess upon reflection that's not completely untrue.

it's fine though. 

i'm not too tired anymore.

to be fair my obsession with 'doing' is 100% linked to being so ill last year I couldn't function. that is not something I ever want to re-live again. 


is probably going the best it ever has and is providing me with the greatest rewards to date.

another podium at our home race has kept it to a 33% success rate of all races entered. (11/30 if we're being precise).

well hello portage. we meet again. 

i'm going to argue this is my favourite photo of me ever.