| 2019 | 08 | 19 | busy bees not climbing trees |

there are 133 days left of 2019. 

it's not that i mucked up for the first few, but i didn't do them very well. 

i'm not good at consistency. 

and for that, I'm sorry. 

I'm not sorry though, for changing my mind. 

i hate that all tables are set for right handed people. the first thing i have to do anywhere is move the cutlery and the glasses. 
or do you wanna watch me tip it all down my front?

this month has been amazing. truly. 

i've learnt a lot. 

mmm i don't look my freshest here, but i shouldn't do.

i'd just paddled 26km in a howling headwind (well half and half) and was soaking in the atmosphere.