| 2019 | 08 | 05 | what a mess |

There are some things you have to be there for. One of which was this sunset. I wasn't going to go for a float but I was convinced by an unlikely ally - who then brought snacks to the riverside.

After swimming in the thames.


The below picture is one that brings me so much joy.

I think of her like a little sister, she's been a rock when I needed her and recently - I think the tables have turned.

Through a terrible set of circumstances one of the most promising junior kayakers has ended up in a situation she definitely would not have picked.

She's fought against everything though with a tenacity I'm astounded by.

You might have noticed a bracelet I wear - it's actually a reminder that no matter how tough things get, you can't let it overwhelm you.

the rest of the weekend was cake, smiles and kayaking. Well no, not kayaking but watching it.

we saw batman's house, found a dinosaur and got more cake.

I really like cake.

I've also decided I'd like to draw more.

Kayaking is hard enough to capture in motion - so I haven't chosen the easiest of topics. 

I'll work it out.