| 2019 | 08 | 01 | to be fair |

preserving moments in time.

aged 5 i had already made all the big decisions in life i felt I would ever face.

I was going to be a cat when I grew up and my favourite colour would always be sparkly pink.

and i kind of fancied a herd of animals.

a herd.



sometimes you start conversations with me like this.

as is often the case, my birthday came and went and not a lot happened in between.

it was nice though.


to be fair the main protagonist in this story didn't have to be the gnome, but that's just how it ended up.

have you ever been to Asda? I'd recommend going. I've only ever had good experiences.

this one involved donuts, a car and a gnome.

I shan't spill all the details because where's the fun? you'll have to go and find out for yourself.

time taken to recover from adventures unnecessarily undertaken. 

frisball championships 2019. you're looking at the eventual winner. 

the game was tough and quite drawn out. points were neck and neck until the phone rang and the boss walked into the room. 

winner was determined by the quickest back to a state of professionalism. 


it's not that i like kayaking. it's just.

there's something pretty cool about it.