| 2019 | 07 | 16 | whiskey tango |

I had a best friend once.

we were blessed by the audacity of youth and the certainty nothing could go wrong.

I remember - giddy on sugar and the heat of the sun asking. I asked - 'do we have to be friends forever?'

I hadn't meant it like that. 

truth is only the way we see things. the real truth is the one between us all. balanced on a fine line is what actually happened. there will be times where all is left misunderstood. but that is also where the wisdom lies.

some friends feel like you've known them forever. even when you first meet you have a familiarity with their way of being. we cause our own suffering by trying to distinguish between this and that. 

I've actually been holding my breath for a long time now. Some days though, I'll allow as many as 20.