| 2019 | 07 | 19 | yelling softly quietly |

I find it weird that songwriters chuck out hundreds of songs about love, life, and the things in between and don't have to have each and every one about a specific person.

If I were to write a poem.

Or a story.

The words would be torn into pieces. the digging would start.


it's actually not about you.

by the way.


and it's not about them either.


sometimes I just write something about things.


sometimes my past writes the stories. but the stories aren't about my past.


sometimes i write the conversations i'd like to have with the people but never will.


i think the worst thing is to die curious.
you completely shouldn't do that.
don't leave the questions unanswered.
don't leave the stories untold.
be bold and be brave and try everything at least once.
or else you won't know.