| 2019 | 07 | 11 | sometimes.

teetering on the edge is scary - especially when the rock you'd been using to steady yourself is now the reason you're falling.

I remember being told 'we are only mirrors of our past'.

it made me reflect (hah) that our past is something we are unable to escape, no matter how hard we try.

I realise that we are more like prisms.

our past shines through us but we can choose to make them rainbows.


when i was small. i used to get anxious about tying my laces correctly and remembering my ruler.

now. i'll be lucky if i can find my shoes or remember where i'm actually meant to be going.

of thunderstorms and listening to the spice girls wrapped under a winnie the pooh duvet.

i didn't want to grow up. i was fine sitting on the sofa reading books and colouring in.


i'm determined to make it work poetically with the blueberries#
so many adjectives....

i get really mad when i can't make a poem work.
it's bugging me.

bruised - like my knees.

i had blueberry pancakes too.
and a blueberry muffin.

i kinda like them.


salty hair and sunkissed cheeks.

i miss summer.


just realised i've completely forgotten the name of that chap.


this weekend was awesome

yesterday was funny.