| 2019 | 05 | 29 | clouds |

I have reached what I will describe as an equilibrium. the negativity in my life is calmed by the good, and all in all there is a homeostatic quality to it all. 

i have no worries, and no worries have me. 

the weekend?


saturday i trained, had my nails done and popped over to henley, where amongst other things I sat and watched the world go by. 

I love people watching. 

sunday. we further achieved as our club and managed the most points since late summer 2017. happy days.

Monday brought with it the annual bumps, and more drama than usual.

the umpires convened, they gossiped and made more of the drama than necessary but that is their prerogative in wearing their lovely blazers.

what a gang.

 I cannot wait to cut my hair.