| 2019 | 04 | 08 | pt 2. whazam |

highlight of the race.

we'd just jumped out of the boat at crofton.

we'd run past the first pound (which was empty so un-paddle-able anyway). ryan was trotting along behind us. occasionally pointing things out.

we got to the second lock where mark called for us to switch sides. so we did. to confirm this is over the head because the preference is carrying the boat by waists.


we did this at the third lock too.

still running with the boat.

still running with ryan.

something wasn't right .

i looked at mark. then at the boat.

then we both put the boat back on our shoulders and emptied the boatful of water out.

'normally people empty the boat before running'

thank you.

wise words.

could've maybe mentioned that a bit sooner.


well actually. my more favourite bit was the queue of boats in front of the tunnel.

it's so surreal.

mile 18 of a race we were just sitting by a river bank in our racing boats.

nowhere to go.



my hat and hair really annoy me here. 

just some of my kayak fwends. 

just a bit annoying really. 


my sister is my favourite person. 

stop trying to make whazam a thing. 

also my mum took great delight in photographing me negotiating with my clothing in a car park. this was after she'd stripped me naked.