| 2019 | 03 | 26 | letters |


we'd been out running. in the rain. my hair had fallen out of my tie and was damp through. you were in a vest which had become borderline see through and we were slightly lost in the woods.

mud. mud everywhere.

you'd been holding my hand when the summer storm properly hit and pulled me in close.

i'd never been kissed in the rain before.

it was that night you put a letter through my door.



here we are.

it would seem that despite not wanting to, i like you a lot. i mean. a lot.

like i think about you a lot.

more than once an hour and i'm a busy person so you're not helping.

okay. it's more than once. it's probably all that's on my mind. get off my mind. get off my back.

you. i don't know. i think you get me.

when you call i answer. i don't answer to anyone.

you make me giggle .

i like the sound of your laugh too.

i keep getting a weird impulse to buy something because i think you'd like it.

i want to talk to you all the time.

i think you might have been the one to wear down my defenses. i think you might have trampled my boundaries. i think i've problematically pushed you higher up my priorities list than i should.