| 2019 | 03 | 25 | buses |

what a weekend.

saturday was busy in a 'ticking over' kind of way. a combination of chores, moving stuff, coffee and facetiming an ex kept me busy until late afternoon where i collapsed into a nap.


yesterday was waterside c (which i'm determined to call b). it was one of the final puzzle pieces, and included the first portage we would be doing on the day.

i had a very clear race plan in my mind for this race. and we had something to prove.

back in the front.

24 miles. 35 portages. they're not equally spread out, and in reality i think this race is split in two. the first half there's a lot of 'doing'. running uphill, higher portages, the tunnel and then of course, crofton. 

the latter stage - waterside a - is a very clean 14 miles. portages are all on the right and then they're not. 

I don't know this course well, so was worried my pacing would be horrific. the thing about the portages is that you can fully recharge and go again - weirdly it's almost like my interval training has been for just that. i'm starting to review the way i'm looking at this race. it's not a long paddle. it's a paddle, then a run, then a paddle, then a run. 

don't get me wrong i'm not naive to think that it's that simple. but it's definitely not just a paddle. 

i've been keeping an eye on a few other crews performances - a couple of mixed, some men's and a couple of k1's to properly measure our progression across the races. it's very interesting. 



this is the first start i haven't felt completely panicked. i had two jobs yesterday. ensure a clean race and empty the tank. definitely hit the latter, the first was a bit less tidy. it's a bit scrappy on some of the portages. 

the tunnel was interesting. a real test of nerve. i was terrified. i hate the dark. we've been over this. but once we were in there and paddling - there's no stopping til your done. 

I wish I could remember the book in which I first encountered that mindset. 

Rather than it being a conscious choice to move - it's actually a decision to stop. your legs will keep going until your brain tells them otherwise.