| 2019 | 03 | 14 | run to the water |

endings are never an end because we keep ghosting each other and we get away with it because if you were never a thing to begin you don't owe anyone anything. you see?

things i shouldn't think about but still do.
>> my mind wanders to the time we spent walking through woods. the side glances. the laughter.
>> to skateboarding round dorney lake on that windy day.
>> to eating chocolate croissants in the heat of the french sun, burning on my nose but not giving a damn because i was perched on the highest point i could find
>> to almost holding your hand. and the way your hair looks after you've been out

things i don't think about but probably should
>> my future. i can't see beyond tomorrow. it's like there's a block. it's like there's nothing there. i think i know why though.
>> finances.
>> what i'm doing