| 2019 | 03 | 13 | lollipops and jam sandwiches |

I think I get it now.


I think i understand how the way we were treated before does not define our futures. i'd expect a second chance. so i'm able to give those too.

if you can't forgive someone, you are still allowing them to dictate your own happiness. if you can let go of the hurt then the only person you're helping is yourself. it won't change things for them. because if they hurt you that badly - then they don't care.

just recognise the bits within yourself which carry worth. the value.

we're getting cake. i like cake.


this has been such a monumentally huge realisation for me.

nothing lasts forever.

so be it.

--- if now is all we have i want to make it count.

the world moves fast and sometimes i just want to stop. sometimes timing isn't right and there's nothing we can do.

we fall for the wrong people, we get up and try over and over and that's just it isn't it.

if its meant to happen, there won't be any second guessing.

sometimes we have to just live in that moment. sometimes take the tiny moments. ignore the bigger picture. smile.

it won't make sense. things don't need to.

stop over thinking.

it's hard because truly, everything happens for a reason. people don't enter your life by accident.

i've spent so long thinking over the things i have no control over but really there's no need.

i simultaneously am important and then i'm not.