| 2019 | 03 | 08 | fondant and i fancy |

my usual kayaking information source has been a bit off grid recently, so i turned so some of the most unlikely of places for guidance regarding my race on sunday.

it's an out and back, the old classic running set up but via kayak, with an interesting turn at the bottom.

i've been advised to complete the entire event with my eyes shut paddling backwards.

we'll see how that goes.

running this morning felt amazing. 

my body was at the point where it would have been oh, so easy to stay in bed - but my mind had committed so off i trotted. 

4 on 1 off x 11. as you do. 

the sun was up, the air warm and everyone was smiling. including me. 

i've started listening to a podcast as i run, because that way there's a complete dischord between the cadence and audio cues. makes it easier. 

i'm glad though, because in times of quiet i often turn to my music, and have started to sing again. first time in two years. 

yoga was also yesterday. more time for quiet. 

pennies fall hardest from the sky. but once they've dropped. there's no going back. 
it's not a nice feeling when you've