| 2019 | 03 | 04 | what is this? spring break? |

What a weekend.

What a whirlwind.

what a wondrous time to be alive.

I think i need to talk a bit about my spring ring.

it was a gift from someone who i think in the end i wasn't the nicest to, however, i think i've since rebuilt that bridge. i hope.

anyway. he gifted me a spring in exchange for a mood ring I gave him (obviously, we're 12) and we sat in the theatre watching the lion king stretching it out so it would fit in between another one he'd already pulled apart and created the below mangled mess.

I became quite attached to it, purely from a durability perspective. then one cold morning, it was gone.

by that point we were no longer speaking, so I felt it a natural progression of things.

cut to a month ago (twelve months after).

after a cold paddling session, i spotted something glinting in the snow. lo and behold. the ring. albeit a little worse for wear and slightly misshapen. still.

but. within a week it was missing.

so i messaged him, i guess out of the blue, to see if he could organise a replacement.

long story short, he's been to B&Q, halfords and now his stationary department think he's obsessed with pens and springs.


10 replacements are on their way.

it's been a bloody whirlwind if you ask me, but i'm not taking this damn piece of metal off my hand.



had some conversations that needed to be had, had some that didn't. also didn't have some that didn't have to be had and avoided some that did. 

i basically covered all categories of chat there. 


i really struggle with holding a grudge. when i should. when anyone would - i can't help but offer forgiveness.

i can hate someone with my very being but when they light up my phone i can't help but engage with the dialogue. 

do you know a very sad and real issue our generation has? it's not so much who is lighting up our phones - it's the fact that they are. most of the time, when someone is lonely they'll reach out. but not because it's you but because they're after a dialogue with anyone.

knowing that, it's so much harder to trust in the genuineness of someones words. or even, the attention they're giving you. because quite often, it's an investment of their own to increase return. 

if you find someone who is willing to pick up the phone, who wants to remember your words - then they're worth holding on to. they're worth recognising as rare and keeping safe. 

you're a person. go outside and do the thing you do best.