| 2019 | 03 | 04 | people |

isn't it weird how someone can be so important to you and then become so little - go back to being a stranger.

friends, partners, team mates, colleagues..... the list goes on.

the photos are gone.
old clothes have been donated.
my phone doesn't ring at 1730 as you're driving home.
i don't drink hot chocolate like i used to. i pretend i don't know you.
i listen to new music now.
i make small talk with people and pretend i don't miss the way you knew what i was thinking.
i can pretend i don't know you're out there.
things are different now. i have new lipsticks. new shoes. new socks.
pressing your fingertips into the back of my neck.
the sideways look you'd give me when you thought i wasn't looking.
the way you'd hold my waist.


the secret fear of failure.