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Bassment Jaxx - Raindrops.

Summer of 2013. damn

now this is a throwback. 


he drove his parents ford fiesta in dusky blue and would insist on chaffeuring me everywhere. like.

annoyingly so.

this song takes me back to one summer evening. it had been a painfully hot day, and you could taste it in the air - sweat and suncream, dust and salty fish and chips.

we were driving back through marlow, his music but my selection and I remember. I remember thinking this was ridiculous.


not so much anymore.

relationships are circular. the more you give, the more you could get back. but also, the more you give, the harder you're gonna fall when they're not keeping the relay going.

I spend weeks toeing the fine, dangerous line of emotion.

people are precious.


please see the 4am ramblings of a bedraggled 20-something on less than two hours sleep.

welcome to the land of coffee and sugar.

I have just eaten half a daim cadburys bar and will be completing it soon.

thank you for tuning in.