| 2019 | 03 | 10 | i think the wrong person just left the room |

It is 01:21. the relevance of that is timing. 

play the song. it's nice. 

i'm sitting wrapped in my duvet, head rested on the windowsill of my room watching the late night traffic amble past my window.

their red lights are reassuring. i'm weirdly, surprisingly, sad.

my hair smells faintly of bubble gum (thanks to those cocktails) and I'm a little bit groggy. But my body is wide awake, amped up on adrenaline and the sugary mocktail I'd downed before running onto the dancefloor to join some friends in a particularly overzealous rendition of 'stomp'.

i fricking love that song. dj always plays it especially for me.

i digress.

today i yelled at a man called luke because he said i looked grumpy. i was. and then i wasn't. because i'd yelled at luke.

people are always nice until they're not.
you won't learn that you can't trust anyone really, unless you try trusting anyone, really.


ideas are not people they belong in your head.
i have a bag of chocolate peanuts and i'm eating them in bed.

// so. what we need to be mindful of.