| 2019 | 02 | 26 | violets are blue. well they're not |

It was with my best friend at the time, who, well, I guess that's not true either. I can't remember what we weren't, or what we were.

Hang on, let me start again.

I was out for a walk with a good friend. It was autumn I reckon, well, it must've been because I had my dad's coat on. No, I mean, the coat he lent me that I've never given back.

Right so. I was out for a walk with my friend and it was autumn. there were leaves all over the floor.

Look I don't want to move sticks anymore okay? It hurts my heart. but at the time I used to love rearranging the forest floor. no idea.

right. so at somepoint on this walk I dropped my phone. New it was.

I dropped it somewhere in the middle of the woods during a six mile walk.

I was so certain it was lost forever.

but i found it.

right where we left it.

now i don't take my phone when i'm going to climb trees.


there was this other time. oh my god there were so many times. but this time. we took a scooter and a skateboard to dorney lake and i didn't fall off. not once.

but i bruised my ego.


hands bruised with the cherries of youth
ground into brick dust
eyes shut. mouth lightly open.
grounded by afloat


i still get emotional about the time when i was five and someone told me you could open crisp packets from the bottom too and then all my skips were on the floor and i honestly lost faith in the world.


do bald aliens exist if they all have no hair

i like being asleep because then i don't have to deal with

jaden smith


ask dad. then ask jerry.

why don't watches have year hands.

we need a better way of naming pins and needles. why would you do that.

i think we should all do our shopping on tuesday.

you have never too big for the beach. but i am not your adult.

google hill.

google mountains the same hill
*mediocre view
*nicer view