| 2019 | 02 | 24 | slush puppies and huskies |

I'm currently negotiating in cupcakes. It's going to be the new currency once this trial is over. 

terms and conditions apply. 

this is waterside a. it was bloody fantastic. the above needs work. the below does not. ever. look. at. my. grin. 

honestly i was having so much fun yesterday. there were only 21 portages. only over 13.5 miles. so like. you barely were in the boat. I had enough energy to natter on portage 21 too. mark was not happy. 

i think i was having so much fun because i've been listening to a small time kayaking podcast and felt truly prepared. it covers all the essential topics you'd ever need for the race, but in a funny and informative way. bite size pieces. perfect for someone with a small brain like mine.