| 2019 | 02 | 13 | hi tops and sly drops |

strange things arrive in the post. 
even stranger things arrive by the post. 

did you know, every relationship has an expiry date?

did you really know that? I'm sorry if the penny hadn't dropped. 

I'm sorry if you just realised that every single person in your life, at somepoint, won't be there anymore in some form or another. 

every goodbye could be the last. every farewell could never lead to a hello. 


eesh that's a negative message for a wednesday, but it's also why you need to treasure those people even more. some dates, are inherent. the end of a contract, the end of a journey, the end of some kind of adventure. 

the hardest expiration dates aren't overt though. sometimes they creep into your mind with the stark realisation not everything can be resolved. sometimes you drift apart from someone you couldn't imagine life without (be it a friend, family member, colleague - you name it). sometimes. it just fades. 

an inevitable destruction of the worst kind. 

no matter how much you re-iterate these endings don't matter, they'll play on your mind. if something has to end, then when? why not get it over with? if something won't last forever then why not knock it down early. cut our losses. save ourselves from falling from greater heights. 

we forget that the worth of everything isn't measured by longevity. or frequency. some of the best things don't last forever, nor can they be replicated. i have one particular roadtrip to the seaside so firmly embedded in my soul i will treasure it always, and never attempt to repeat it again. 

our favourite books are just a countdown to the ending. but we read them nonetheless. 

I recently wrote about time. i wrote that i hate goodbyes because it fragments the forever of something. i'm rambling here. probably making more sense than you realise though. when my nan passed away i refused the final farewell. that way we're always on hold til we meet again. 

someday, you'll wake up and that person won't be there anymore. one day, you'll hear a joke they'll love but won't be able to share it. maybe you'll need their advice? or perhaps just their company. 
so you do what you can. you ask them today. you laugh with them today. 

you treasure what you have
 not what you might not 

just because something is fleeting doesn't make it less important. 
just because something is going doesn't mean that it's gone.