| 2019 | 02 | 12 | those were the days |

this morning was beautiful. up again at the crack of dawn with little to no sleep (perhaps none) and my coffee tasted as it normally does - disgusting.

my body screamed no as I tumbled out of bed, falling into the carefully thrown pile of discarded jumpers which softened the landing.

our paddle was decent. the flow is up so i had to concentrate a little harder than usual - but managed to stay more in control of the back of the boat for the crossings so it was a smoother ride overall.

thinks she got it.


a while ago I wrote a post about how our lives and those around us can be represented by interacting lines. [for anyone who cares we're operating with an x axis representing time. but not to scale okay?]

I find it fascinating how the closest lines only have one way to go - and that's apart. you take a huge risk involving someone in your life, bringing them close.

we find souls made of the same stuff ours are. the lines intertwine and we can't imagine them being anything but.

it's interesting to think about how we make people who were our everything into nothing. how we learn to forget. how the space between our lines becomes something we can't bear to acknowledge.

how we fill that space. but sometimes it's a good thing to embrace the change. it's not easy. it's hard to remove anyone from your life, especially those you were close to - but sometimes you need to make that space for something different, or something better.

we all start as strangers, we probably all leave as them too. it's up to us along the way to pick the ones we want to cross paths with.

I think this is also why so many people exist as 'almosts'. it's easier to be looking toward what could be, than what was. 


i've recently brought my twitter back off the shelf. 

i used to love that platform as a repository for nonsense. the snippets of life I couldn't share with anyone because it was too weird, too abstract, too sophie. 



> having food at home, and eating it over the fun stuff in front of you
> ensuring you're dressed appropriately for the weather rather than just winging it
> paths of independence aren't just paths you walk together. you want to be independent? well walk by your damn self.