| 2019 | 02 | 11 | i'm a little tree trunk |

today was the adventure of a lifetime. aside from yesterday which was also the adventure of  a lifetime.

this is the outtakes from our little adventure [i do actually have all the useful footage elsewhere but genuinely thought it would not be inspirational on a monday].

anyway. we covered a chunk of the route i have no experience in and had a lot of fun doing it. i am now tired. grumpy and a bit scared.

it really drove home the true scale of this race. and just how stupid i am to be considering doing it at all.

the journey was more for my dad. as a rower - this just isn't our thing.

spectating rowing races is clean, clear, and not very involved. like horse racing.

also i have such wonky teeth. can't unsee that can you?

#nomakeup #nosleep

still happy.

i also completed this today.  the blanket. it's taken 7 months, 18 balls of yarn and a lot of hand fatigue. i'm so proud it's square, has no mistake and genuinely (despite the colour choices) - looks quite good. i've not laid it so well there - but the edges are straight. i swear!


where was i.

we're making pizza.

i'm studying and reading things i shouldn't do.

// i was reminded of a night spent sitting on a car roof eating chicken nuggets and oranges before we agreed 3am was a bit late and called it a night.

then we went to the 24 hour asda and perused the shelves before being asked to leave because we were being weird.

i never got my gnome.

what is the date again?

such fun.


guys guys guys.

here they are. goals for the week

> actually get the copy written for the display screens. [soz werk]
> run 5x
> paddle 4x
> yoga
> read another 70 pages of my book
> pub quiz [see i wrote it]
> learn bridge names
> make a list of basic tasks, complete them and feel pretty damn chuffed i'd achieved. we're talking 'brush my teeth', 'get out of bed' level.
> go to bed earlier
> stretch in bed. become the duvet monster i've always dreamt of being
> respect the fact i still can't handle a hairbrush - don't fight it.
> payday chores

here are things i won't be doing

- buying a motorbike
- shaving my head
- drinking champagne
- crocheting a fricking blanket the size of the moon
- sleeping