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Cold shock response is the physiological response to sudden cold - usually a body of water.

The short term involuntary response to being suddenly immersed can be short lived, but a threat to your survival.

Firsly. Closure of the blood vessels in the skin results in resistance to blood flow. The heart then has to work harder and blood pressure increases. At the same time, a sudden inhalation may also occur, after which breathing rate can also increase.

This initial response may last as long as a minute, but the loss of control over breathing can then inhibit your ability to get out.

Secondly. Incapacitation occurs within 5 - 15 minutes in cold water. Loss of meaningful movement in your arms and legs is a key effect of vasoconstriction to the periphery (to protect your core), which again, will slow your ability to exit the body of water.

tl;dr. being in the thames during winter is a bad thing. don't.


Whilst I have a fear of my K1, being in the water doesn't faze me.

It's not intimidating. it still isn't. the fear comes from the fall.

At the end of a 3 x 5k session, I was the first one back.


I fell in.

Not just my standard swim. I was exhausted.

I hit the body of water with almost a sigh, but found the air completely thrown out my chest. I also sunk a lot quicker than usual. It was cold. The river was very, very cold.

The air just would not re-inflate my lungs and whilst I was reunited with my boat, it didn't feel particularly buoyant. It took a little while to gain control of my breathing.

As I started to swim toward the bank, I wasn't really getting much closer to the bank.

I was just so tired. Taking a break, I lay across the top of my upturned boat, barely kicking my feet. The flow had started to push me along - less than helpful.

I was cold. Like really cold.

The overwhelming understanding that I had to get out was being fought against by the fact I wasn't sure how I could.


then we went to get cake.