| 2019 | 02 | 06 | fire in the rain |

I am so grateful for my chaos. The eternally unpredictable nature of my path. I feel like most people are walking along a pavement, carved into the hillside so whilst it has its ups and downs there is still some certainty.

I am thankful for the winds blowing against me. Howling in my ears, pressing against my chest.

I'm glad I'm scared of the dark. In all honestly I think it's wild.

I am soulfully well.


dreams we shared are never gonna fade


a dream is a wish your heart makes


thats why your heart hurts


the evolution of things.

I saw a puppy today

actually i reckon that dog was about 87, but I could tell he still thought he was a little puppy dog. I should've stolen him and then we could've gotten icecream.