| 2019 | 02 | 05 | my dog is my only friend |

Puzzle pieces. 

alright story time. 

Everyone loves a sob story.

Everyone loves to see the protagonist fall on their face and never quite manage to get back up again.


way the other point I wanted to make is that arrogance, in small doses, is truly beautiful. Exaggerating your self-worth by 1% makes you a confident person. It’s when this confidence crosses over into ridiculousness that we start having problems. Be confident. Don’t be a dick.


enough of that. 

>> be grateful for the smell of fresh air. Especially the sea.
.. be grateful for the chaotic times. They balance out the quiet
,, be grateful for the things you were given, even if they were taken away
== smile because of where you are right now. Not where you aren’t.
Be glad every day has an end. Even the worst days.
Go and stand by your window. Look out. Got you!