| 2019 | 01 | 27 | so far gone |

the future is an unfolding of the past. 
everything we do, everything we did, dictates what happens next. it's truly that simple but somehow we manage to complicate the way  time works. the way our actions have consequence. 

The things we don't realise until they're past. Until it's over. or. until it's too too late. 

// you're capable of more than you realise. 

// you can be happy. for no real reason. you can sit and smile to yourself and enjoy... nothing. try it. 
I didn't truly realise this until I'd wasted so much time and energy pursuing what I believed to be the end goal, without understanding I could just be happy. 

// not everything has, or  needs a meaning. 
life. this big old game we're all trying to play, is actually quite simple. 

// you matter more than you think you do
it's so easy to get caught up in your anxieties. fears. tears. it's so easy to forget that you are a person in your own right and probably are more recognised than you think