| 2019 | 01 | 22 | what's that coming over the hill |

seeing my housemate naked seems to be a thing now. not as in, a big deal, it's just a part of daily life.

basically family.


the universe works in mysterious ways, and once again, it has trumped all else.

after a fairly in detail conversation regarding phone insurance and what was covered, the two involved parties both managed to break and claim for our phones - a reassuringly effortless process involving a 10 minute phone call.

now i wait.

actually i'll be waiting a while and phone set up is long.



I'm not saying things are getting easier, but quite frankly, life isn't feeling too hard.

I know where I'm meant to be now.

What I'm meant to be doing.

It's just a case of doing it.

I take a lot of inspiration from the people around me, and in this instance it was my cat, Pumpkin. Or fatboy as we like to fondly yell at him as he jiggles across the room.