| 2019 | 01 | 01 | so long and thanks for all those fish |

2018. you. complete. and. utter. bastard.

[i should note that the above is said with no emotional taint. i've made my peace with the past 365 days and can comfortably say i'm okay. however. that doesn't detract from the fact i was essentially, and repeatedly, hit by a bus].

this is the abridged version, because to relive it it would take the entirety of 2019 and then there wouldn't be any time left for the rest of things. like ironing. and baking.

to begin.

no. to end. it was an ending of sorts. the beginning of 2018 was an ending of things, and these things didn't truly end until may, by which point i'd already been touched by sepsis and left 8 kilograms lighter.

summer was spectacularly the worst for us fair folk. the hottest in a lifetime, the hottest known to man, you name it we had many titles over those three months

then. wow. thanks autumn. How to describe the two hardest months of my life. i cannot accurately convey the hell that is to be trapped within the confines of a weakened body, unable to get anywhere under your own steam and to become entirely dependent on those around.

the end of that chapter.

winter started 7 days before I wrote this post and we had warmer weather than we really should have.

I'm nervous for 2019, for it brings with it trepidation and a lack of clarity.