| 2014 | 01 | 26 | week 4 |

Today is the day of my race. But don't dwell on it. No, let's not dwell on it. Just as you read this, I'm genuinely probably in a terribly muddy situation having a mild breakdown.

this is my new best friend. He's beyond adorable
So by now I'll have run around 6 miles and be tackling the 'killing fields'/


The  boy and are I doing fine - thanks for asking.
I'm now in Newcastle for the next 4 weeks.
As I typed that my Dad just rang. He wants me home for a rowing race. So.
I'm now in Newcastle for 3 weeks.
Then for another 2. Home.
Then for another 3.Home.
Then for another 2.
Then home for 4 weeks.
Then who really knows?
I am well traveled. Still can't pack for jack though.

This week I am thankful for:
My parents. We don't always have it great (who does) but the little things we do are just magical.
My long standing ability to eventually get things done. Over halfway through uni (AGAIN).
old school music + boy music

I was waiting an hour for a train. I'm useless at public transport.
The lust list:
time. I need so much more of it. I want to see my family, visit my friends, go on adventures, study hard and train for these damn races I keep committing to. Oh and all the T.V I've missed recently.
A bigger discount on my rail travel.