| 2018 | 12 | 07 | i'm very sorry |

So these photos don't really have a lot to do with my story. But. I spend a lot of time day dreaming. Probably far too much. I digress, but when I 'glanced' out my window I saw someone cycle past with his left trouser leg tucked into his sock. ABSOLUTE throwback to my dad teaching me to ride my bike. Which I now avoid. 

so this is the queen.

with mister bean. on her head.

i like her. she's some kind of rolemodel for those who were born into privilege which i'll have you know i was moderately. but i am aware of this so I expect the world to give me all the things I think I deserve. like pancakes. and mini waffles. and breakfast. mainly breakfast. did I mention I was STARVING.

I  make porridge because it's the right thing to do. not because it's the nice thing to do.

this is me. if i had ears.

Is anyone else getting the vibe that this post is a kind of show and tell written by a 5 year old. This is this.

I found a map.

It's quite a relevant map to the current times (tee hee). no that's not funny. nor an in joke.

It is tipping it down outside and I'm not entirely sure my car is watertight. or watersafe. 

no that's just my phone lying face down in a puddle. 

can confirm bricks don't float.