| 2018 | 10 | 03 | i used to do this full time?! |

there are a few of these review posts hanging around the internet and my various blogs. in my attempt to bring everything together I thought I'd do an homage to what was. 


These are my new favourites. And totally worth the hype (late again much?)

I'm seriously going through a lip product phase - I'm known as the girl who always has lipstick on at the gym (it's the only bit of make-up I wear to workout).

I can't work out if I like the slightly off centre alignment. I really want to just push the top one round.

I burn through lip butter - as I've mentioned before I'm a horrendous lip biter and just seem to eat the stuff.  I've also been making a conscious effort to move away from vaseline and use products that actually soak into my lips rather than just coat them.

The claims
Buttery lip balm with a shiny tinted finish and a combination of Shea butter and Rice wax for deep hydration and softness.
A shiny, juicy pop of colour which is ideal for dry lips. 

The reality
With such great emphasis on softness, there's a lot to fulfil - and the answer is yes.

They small incredible, and the cover is sheer - so they're easy to just whack on whilst you're on the go (lipstick is a nightmare sometimes!). 

this photo is far from how they look now. all are messes. 
They're more of a glossy balm,  so don't expect a matte look, and there are sufficient shades (or scents) to suit everyone. I really like the packaging too - it's not too much, but just enough to look a little bit special.

I really want to try the Quince one next - and knowing me it won't be long!

I also have my eye on some more Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters; Peach Parfait, Fig Jam and Berry Smoothie. What a healthy wish list. Okay. I actually want them all. Okay and Lollipop, Macaroon, Red Velvet, Sugar Plum, and Pink Truffle.