| 2018 | 10 | 02 | today. the day before yesterday |

it's not sporty spice, it's not baby spice, it's not even mild spice its actually exceptional spice.

charlie added too much chilli again and as always I put more in my mouth than is probably necessary.

I started reading 'to the lighthouse' over the weekend and I realise now that I don't want to know if they make it there.

I don't want to know the ending of the story, just the long, meandering road to get us there.

This will forever be the photo I am most proud of. Running 69 miles was the most physically and mentally challenging process I've had to overcome, and I have to be honest I could have dealt with it so much better.

I'm currently training for something bigger, technically more difficult and potentially more dangerous.

Sorry ;) .

 Morning runs are the best way to start your day.

there's no pressure.

I've done so many things I'm really proud of. 

but today my foot is bleeding all over my shoe and I can't make a plaster stick.