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I'm a bit worried I'm turning into a bit of a health
nut (everything that I put in and onto my body is coming under scrutiny) but I'm not about to change that just yet.

I should also clarify - anything is better than what I'm currently using, however I'm pleased to say that this solution isn't just better, it's great.

Deodorant and antiperspirants are there in probably 99.9% of the populations routines, with multiple applications across the day for many.

Deodorants stop the smell, anti-perspirants act to prevent the natural sweating of your body.

Now I've cleared that up. Lets get on to why you should re-consider.

the why::
Antiperspirants typically contain aluminium chlorohydrate or aluminium zirconium (or even aluminium chloride) which plug your pores by forming a gel like substance.

Ammonium Alum and Potassium Alum are large molecules of natural minerals which will stay on the surface of the skin and prevent body odour in the first place.

Complicated. I know. It's also important to note than an antiperspirant is considered a drug rather than a cosmetic.

It's this kind of confusion which is why so many consumers are wary of anything 'alum' containing.

Other ingredients to be wary of:

- Parabens. A type of chemical in many products, used as a preservative, but they're one of the most harmful additives. They've been associated with a lot of side effects and are just generally something I'm starting to want to steer clear of. They can disrupt your hormones and remain within your cells for a long time, and have recently been found in marine mammals [1].

- Triclosan. Another questionable ingredient, this is used to kill bacteria and has been shown to not be so good for us after all [2].

- Propylene Glycol. This can affect the central nervous system, heart and liver. It's also been known to cause skin irritation, and aids the penetration of the skin for the other active ingredients.

And then.

So I haven't even covered the environmental impact of aerosols or the production of any of these ingredients, but the above alone should make you wary.

the what::
Okay so I am probably the greatest sceptic when it comes to something that is a rock.

I mean who wouldn't be?


It leaves an invisible layer that you can't see which will stop you smelling?


No okay there's a little more science behind Salt of the Earth

It's a piece of mineral salt in plastic casing (damn it) - however against the alternatives this is much more 'earth friendly'. From production to consumption it will win hands down - now I just have to go verify that. [I did actually send them an email and was assured they're taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint.]

\\ it is vegan

\\ made from natural minteral salts and plant extracts - so kind to your skin

\\ no white marks

\\ affordable and less harmful to the environment.

Also. aesthetically pleasing. It's quite adorable.

the how::
you need either it or your armpits to be damp, go a little crazy with the application and then allow to dry.

seriously though, application takes a few more seconds than you might be used to - it's not a spray or a simple roll on.

the water is used to dissolve some of the top layer off the rock and leave it as a residue on your skin - hence needing to allow it to air dry. it's completely colourless and will not leave any mark on your clothes (I tested this too).

my thoughts::

well this was unexpected.

truly, I expected there to be a proper downside to it. I'd read about some people experiencing a 'detox', as with all changes there will be a transition period - but for me mine was minimal if at all noticeable. I think that's purely down to having phased out the anti-perspirant, so I wasn't having a sudden increase in sweat.

there isn't. I'll admit that during the first few days I was basically smelling myself all the time, but this soon stopped.Seriously. I was caught by a group of builders outside my neighbours house, which I then felt the need to explain myself.

I dunno. Age has changed me.

I wish I had found this product sooner.

I've already convinced three friends to purchase it, and they've all agreed, there's no going back!